Just wanted to let you know that Google Ads FINALLY approved me after many failed attempts. πŸ™‚ I know it was because of the site redesign. I’ve finally got all my menus how I like them, and I’m going to my first blog conference tomorrow. Thanks so much for your help!
-Meredith, Perfection Pending

Just wanted to follow up with you and say THANKS!

I love the blog, love that it’s easy to manage, and love the response I’m getting since the change-over. I don’t know if it’s something magical YOU did when you set me up, or just by looking clean, neat, and fancy (lol) it made an impact; my readership has taken off nicely. πŸ™‚

In addition, I’m being contacted left and right by brands- it’s getting hard to keep up! Yahooo!

This was just what I hoped for when I contacted you.
-Patty, My No-Guilt Life

I look forward to working with you again soon this year to move me over to WordPress (Yikes!) My entire experience with you has been wonderful, unlike a past experience, and I have been spreading the word about your business at my two meet ups.
-A. Nichole

You have been a pleasure to work with, Krystyn. Seriously… you are awesome.

I plan to take full advantage of my bragging rights for the new site as I promote our agency. I will tell everyone I know how efficient and affordable the entire project was!
-McCabe Insurance

You’ve been so good to me…and I am loving my blog. LOVING IT.
I still get giggly when I look at it!
-A Sassy Redhead

Krystyn designed my personal blog, later updated my blog, and then later designed a custom watermark for my photos. She seemed to just know what my style was and what I wanted — even if I didn’t know that myself. She was very prompt, was sure to let me approve things at each step, and welcomed any changes or comments that I had along the way. More than that, Krystyn happily answered any and all questions I had along the way whether or not they had to do with what she was designing for me, and educated me about easier and more efficient ways to blog. Every blog post I make now is easier because of Krystyn, and the blog has an amazing design. I strongly recommend Krystyn and her work!”

Hi Krystyn,
I just wanted to tell you that the move to WP and updating you did have already had a big impact on the blog – I’ve had a TON of compliments from friends & family, and 5 brand new followers already! Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but considering I was stagnate for quite a while there…5 newbies in 3 days is kind of a big deal around here.
-Undomesticated Gal

Krystyn responds quickly and is so easy to work with. She really listens to what YOU want but also makes recommendations for the best way to do things from her experience. I would recommend her to anyone looking to re-design their blog or needing other help with graphic design.

Krystyn’s work is impeccable and she really works with you, the client, to make sure you are receiving exactly what you want. I have hired her several times and have recommended her to a number of people as well.

I would happily have checked all seven attributes if the system had allowed it. In addition to her expertise and integrity, Krystyn also delivers great results, on time, with creativity and unparallelled people skills. And, yes, she delivers excellent value, too. I’ve had her work on three of my own sites, and was so impressed I brought her in on my first client blog project, as well, which will launch shortly. I cannot recommend Krystyn highly enough.

I love my new blog. I think it turned out beautiful and Krystyn even added some glitter and sparkle for me because I love all things glittery, sparkly and/or shiny. She even added my favorite Maya Angelou quote. Love, love, love. I am in love with my header and would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a blog makeover. She did an amazing job and she was constantly in contact with me! Thank you Krystyn! You have skills! =D

I just loved my logo I received from Krizzy Designs. I sent Krystyn so many pictures of logos that I liked, and she created the perfect logo for me. She was so helpful with all my questions, and was prompt with all my emails. Paying was so easy. She sent an invoice straight to my email! I plan on telling everyone about Krizzy Designs and I plan to use Krystyn for all areas of my growing business (business cards, website, photo stickers, etc). Thanks again! πŸ™‚
-Rachel Banister Photography

Krystyn just completed my blog redesign and Twitter page and I am thrilled with her work! Not only was she easy and pleasant to deal with, but she put up with my many questions, made changes/edits quickly and got the look that I was looking for pretty well right off the bat! Not to mention the fact that she made sure that I was happy with every aspect of the redesign right down to minute details. Krystyn was always available when I had questions and was prompt in her responses.
I would 100% recommend Krizzy Designs for any of you that are looking for a great blog designer!
-Multiple Mayhem Mamma

Krystyn just worked with me to design my blog button. She was a joy to work with–sensitive to my ideas, fast, eager to please, and very accessible. When I am ready to get more ambitious with redesign, I will have her do the job!

As my blog started to get more traffic (and I got tired of my old DIY design), I decided it was time for a new look. After looking at the Krizzy Designs Web site, I knew I found my designer. Krystyn was fabulous, humoring me and all of my nitpicking throughout the design process. She made sure I was 100% happy with the design and was so easy and fun to work with. I absolutely adore my new blog layout, which is SO me. I’d recommend her to EVERYONE! Thanks, Krystyn, you rock!

When I decided I needed a Blog makeover, I spent many hours (daily) trying to find the perfect person to do the design. I had it narrowed down to Krizzy Designs and one other. The other had a two month waiting list, I was not going to wait two months. As soon as I sent in the questionnaire and paid the deposit, Krizzy Designs emailed me w/ in the hour. I had a pretty good idea what I wanted and Krizzy saw my vision through, even with me going back and forth on a particular font. I highly recommend Krizzy Designs and will most definitely use them again…I am thinking this time around a new Twitter page. Thank you!

Really enjoyed working with you! Thanks for the everything! Would highly use you again!
Love my blog Design!