About Krizzy Designs

Hi, I’m Krystyn. Welcome to Krizzy Designs. I am a wife and mother to four very busy and very adorable little girls. You can read about them on my personal blog, Really, Are You Serious?

Recently, I resigned from my job as a high school science teacher, and have taken on graphic design full time.  Krizzy Designs has been in the designing (blogs, invitations, twitter pages and all things graphic design) business since 2005!

Why Krizzy Designs?
I started giving my personal blog make overs, then friends started asking for me to do the same. After doing a couple, I decided I better give my designs a name; so I combined my name with my daughter’s nickname (Izzy) and Krizzy Designs was born.

My goals:
To have you love your blog design/card design.
To have you be proud of your design.
To keep my prices low and affordable.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: krizzydesigns@gmail.com