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Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions:

Blog Design FAQ (updated 12/2010; subject to change):

How long does a design typically take?

It depends on required revisions and how quick you are to return emails, but typically between 1-2 weeks once Krizzy Designs get started on your blog. However, Krizzy Designs has been known to do a design in a day or two.

How much does it cost?
Blogger designs start at $75 and WordPress designs start at $175.

What is the typical process?
You decide you want Krizzy Designs to work on your blog.
You make the $35 deposit via paypal. There is a button to your left.
You fill out the questionnaire and email it to Krizzy Designs.
I will let you know when I will begin working on your header.
Once you approve your header, I will set up a test blog and send it to you.
Once you have approved everything, I will send you an invoice via paypal for the balance of your design.
After payment is received, I will install your blog for you.
Once your blog is installed, there might be minimal changes I will do, but I reserve the right to charge you for these changes.

What happens with my sidebars/widgets?
Everything in your sidebars should stay intact. However, it is a good idea to have everything backed up before I start the installation. As the blog owner, you are responsible for the sidebar content.

Where can I pick out images?
I recommend istock, fotolia, or dreamstime. These images are all royalty free and therefore can be used in your design.

Why do you need my username and password?
I log into your blog and make all of the necessary changes. If you aren’t comfortable doing this, we have other options. Please let me know.

My kids have grown and changed, can you change out my header?
Sure. I would love to update your look. The fee associated with these changes depends on the detail and the number of pictures.

All of a sudden I see a photobucket logo on my site.  Where did everything go?
Photobucket will display their button if you don’t log into it every 90 days.  If you see this error/message, please log into your account and everything should be good and should still be there.

Payments and Fees.
I require a deposit before starting all design work.  Due to the nature of the work, once any payment is made (either deposit or final payment), I will not issue a refund.  Once you give the final okay on the work, I will send a paypal invoice for the balance of your design.  After receiving final payment, your design will be installed.  Any future edits will be charged at a rate determined by Krizzy Designs.

If you don’t see the answer you are looking for, please contact Krizzy Designs; krizzydesigns at gmail dot com.

I look forward to working with you.

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Joan@chocolateandmore September 28, 2011 at 4:13 pm

I sent you an e-mail with all my questions but want everyone else looking at your site to know I think your designs are great!

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